Our kids constantly keep us awake. Constantly. We all know newborns keep their own hours. Then when they DO sleep, we stress if we can’t hear them breathing.
Soon enough, there’s potty training, and we worry we’ll do it wrong, and subject them to therapy. When they start talking, we wonder what they’ll say…and to whom! We tour pre-schools and interview nannies, and pray we’ve picked the right one. We put them in sports, but wonder if they should take music lessons. We wonder if the backwards d’s and b’s are just a phase.
We’re at once amazed by their brilliance, & super nervous over stupid standardized tests. We wonder if we’ve told them enough about all the ‘middle school’ stuff in time for them to worry about middle school stuff. All TOO soon, the Cooties have left the building.
Then they go to high school. Their friends drive. Then THEY drive. We know the kids hanging out in our den are just SOME of their friends. They have friends (and influential NON friends) that we have never (and may never) meet. Even scarier…they have ‘friends’ that THEY have never (and may never) meet.
We want to tell a ‘young’ mom’…Sweet girl, get all the sleep you can now. You’re gonna need to be WIDE AWAKE when they’re teenagers!
We can’t tell them, any more than the moms ahead of us could have told us. We love and encouage our young mama sisters, just as the mamas ahead of us did as they poured love on us. May we be as encouraging as those who came before us.

I’ve been my Better Half’s Better Half for 23 years! I work full-time in Communications, albeit a ‘technical’ role. My world is content management, web analytics, and site building.
I’m also Mom to two amazing teenage sons. In the process of raising these guys, I’ve become a de facto go-to for my friends and family, on questions about everything from internet safety and social media, to quick, creative dinner ideas. And, gratefully, I’ve managed to keep my sense of humor and (for the most part) my sanity.