Here comes the next generation…

For Christmas, Andrew (14) got a laptop. He wanted a tablet, but reading ahead to high school, we bit the bullet. He’s discovered, and dropped hints that led to a gift subscription. Armed with a laptop and Lynda’s unlimited knowledge, my son is brimming with ideas.
If you’re a parent, you get just how exciting this is for me, without knowing anything about Andrew. He’s fourteen. Remember fourteen? Awkward, wanting to fit in, yet longing to stay true to yourself? Yeah. Here we are. We’ve watched him give up on activities that he’s been part of for years. We’ve seen his grades drop (and thankfully, recover.) The malaise that’s hung over our 8th grader was concerning, to say the least.
Here it is, New Year’s Day, and Andrew is re-energized. He’s watched Lynda videos about creating a YouTube channel, and he has decided to create one himself. He researched the easiest (and cheapest!) approach for building and hosting a website. With just a little help from me, he’s off, building the look for his site, and thinking through a content calendar (even though he doesn’t realize that’s what he’s doing.)

He’s got great ideas, and I’m reminding him, just as I remind myself, to start small and build. He’s taking in information like a sponge. I can’t wait to see what he does with all he’s learning! Stay tuned; I’ll post updates on how he’s doing.

I’ve been my Better Half’s Better Half for 23 years! I work full-time in Communications, albeit a ‘technical’ role. My world is content management, web analytics, and site building.
I’m also Mom to two amazing teenage sons. In the process of raising these guys, I’ve become a de facto go-to for my friends and family, on questions about everything from internet safety and social media, to quick, creative dinner ideas. And, gratefully, I’ve managed to keep my sense of humor and (for the most part) my sanity.

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