Earning my cuppa Joe…

This morning, I was in the Dunkin Drive thru, and realized my card had expired. I grab the new card, call the 800 number, and go thru each of the 19 steps to activate it. Family trivia, 16 digit speed typing, and magic number memory. All in lightning round form, AND pre-caffeinated!
I EARNED this cup o’ Joe!

I’ve been my Better Half’s Better Half for 23 years! I work full-time in Communications, albeit a ‘technical’ role. My world is content management, web analytics, and site building.
I’m also Mom to two amazing teenage sons. In the process of raising these guys, I’ve become a de facto go-to for my friends and family, on questions about everything from internet safety and social media, to quick, creative dinner ideas. And, gratefully, I’ve managed to keep my sense of humor and (for the most part) my sanity.