‘Old school internet’ – same rules, new game

The first time our family played the new, electronic Monopoly game was a little disappointing. I could explain the game practically from memory; after all, I cut my teeth on Chance and Community Chest cards! For the first couple of […]

5 Lessons from Oklahoma University

I am captivated by the situation in Oklahoma, because it is so rich with food for thought for parents. Take out the fraternity element, and the specifics of what was said. That way, you can move beyond denials likeĀ “MY kid […]

Here comes the next generation…

For Christmas, Andrew (14) got a laptop. He wanted a tablet, but reading ahead to high school, we bit the bullet. He’s discovered Lynda.com, and dropped hints that led to a gift subscription. Armed with a laptop and Lynda’s unlimited […]

Earning my cuppa Joe…

This morning, I was in the Dunkin Drive thru, and realized my card had expired. I grab the new card, call the 800 number, and go thru each of the 19 steps to activate it. Family trivia, 16 digit speed […]

All things technology-except in English.

I’m ‘that mom.’ No, not the one who personalizes cookies, crafts and other special treats for the class (But, oh, how I loved that mom!) I’m the mom who offers to help set up group distribution lists and social sites, […]