All things technology-except in English.

I’m ‘that mom.’ No, not the one who personalizes cookies, crafts and other special treats for the class (But, oh, how I loved that mom!) I’m the mom who offers to help set up group distribution lists and social sites, and automate forms for the class. The mom other moms always seemed to come to with questions about how they AND their kids used computers, social media, and cell phones.
I know not everyone cares about this stuff. We can’t just pretend it doesn’t exist though. We have to know enough to keep ourselves and our families safe, and informed. And we have to learn all this while keeping up with our own careers, taking care of our families’ health, making sure our kids get into college, and keeping our pets fashionably dressed. (No pressure.)
I’m here to help.
We’ll talk technology, review apps, discuss benefits (and dangers) of the ‘interwebs.’ And we’ll share tips and tricks to help you and your family get more things done while online, and some great things you can do to make your offline life the best it can be too.
I hope you’ll ride along with me. We’re gonna have a lot of fun!